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B&L Red Angus

Welcome to B&L Red Angus, we are glad you stopped by! Our family has been involved in the commercial cattle industry for many years, and began raising registered Red Angus cattle on our ranch in Putnam, Oklahoma in 2009. While we still have our commercial herd, our main focus is breeding superior registered Red Angus bulls for commercial cattlemen, and quality registered Red Angus females for seedstock operations looking to improve their herd.

Because of our longstanding background raising commercial cattle, we know what the commercial cattlemen is looking for in a herd bull. The B&L Red Angus bull program is performance driven, keeping the commercial cattleman in mind each step of the way.

We breed for strong maternal traits, carcass quality, soundness, and good disposition. We have two young kids (8 and 2 years old), who are very hands-on at the ranch, so having cattle with good dispositions is a must. All of our registered cattle are also DNA tested and efficiency tested. We use the GrowSafe System on our bulls and females to ensure maximum feed efficiency. At the end of the day, our goal is to produce quality Red Angus bulls and females that will increase the profitability of your herd.

Cattle from B&L Red Angus are available through various sales throughout the year. We host a spring bull sale on our ranch each year, held the second Wednesday in March. We host our own fall female sale at the ranch in conjunction with several elite Red Angus breeders who we have been working with for the past few years. Online bidding is available in out sale. To learn more about purchasing cattle from B&L Red Angus, please visit our sale page.

Thank you for your interest in B&L Red Angus, we look forward to working with you!